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Owner of Invictus International, who's passionate about traveling, sailing and rock climbing.

A new design and a new site.

Wow, it has been literally years since I last worked on my personal site. I’ve been busy running things over at Invictus. It is a non-stop job where I don’t really get any time off. Finally though, this past week I’ve had enough downtime to actually get a site up and running.

I decided that I wanted to stick with the same system that we do for a lot of our larger clients. Keeping a source controlled static website that can be built, tested and deployed all with a single click. This makes managing a site like this much much easier. Due to this fact I’ll probably be able to update things every now and then then I feel I have some free time.

I’ve always really just wanted something that was more informational than anything else. A place where people can see ME and then know how to contact me. I think this gets the job done. The To-do list for things to work on next is to make the Social link buttons on the homepage look better. The icon in a circle thing just doesn’t look that great. I’ll get to it soon though. and have a contact page.

This site comes with my new PGP key. My old master had expired, plus one of the sub-keys was on an old phone. This means invalidating and making a new one. I’m fine with having to do this though. Mainly just because while I’ve been working with PGP for so long the original key almost seems ancient now. The one downside is having to rebuild my web of trust.